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Xbox One

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I will wait and see....


Games are what sell me, not the console, a game comes out that I want to play bad enough, I will buy the stupid thing....lets see how well it monitors my heart beat from the hall closet. :xp:


What if you take something soft and tape it to the eye of the kinetic ?

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The reveal summed up in a word - yipes.




Given how often I've used my Xbox since this time last year (a whole 20 hours), I'll be giving this a miss. I've never used Gold, and only ever connected my Xbox 360 to the internet for essential software updates., and considering my crappy wireless requires me to be within 20 feet of the router, I'm not impressed at all by the requirement to connect to the internet every 24 hours.


We might be living in an increasingly connected world, but I'll connect to it when I want to, not when Microsoft tells me to.

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Why would it be 180 degrees, do tell


Because if you do a 360 degree turn, you're right back where you started as that is a full circle. If you do a 180 degree turn, that's exactly backwards. ;)

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