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Xbox one reveled today!:


Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled the Xbox One, the newest version of its popular game console.
Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, said the company wanted to design and build the "ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system."

The Xbox One will be available around the world later this year.

The Xbox One includes games, TV, movies, music, the Web, and apps. It has Skype and live TV capabilities, as well as voice recognition to switch between programs, new gesture recognition, and the ability to operate multiple programs at the same time. And users make group video calls via Skype, said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of marketing, strategy, and business for Microsoft's interactive entertainment business.
The new Xbox home screen identifies users and logs them in with all their favorite apps and games. It remembers what they were doing the last time they played, and those actions show up on the home screen. A new "trending tab" shows users what's popular with friends and the overall community.

The Xbox One also includes three operating systems in one -- the Xbox operating system, a Windows OS kernel, and software to connect the two operating systems for multitasking. Microsoft also launched a new Xbox Live system for its updated game console Under the hood of the large, sleek, black device are an eight-core processor, 8GB of RAM, Blu-ray, USB 3, HDMI in/out, and a 500GB hard drive..
Microsoft, which is hosting its special next-generation Xbox event at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters, last introduced a new gaming console, the Xbox 360, in 2005. Since that time, the Xbox has become the best-selling game console in the country. In April alone, consumers spent $208 million on hardware, software, and accessories for the Xbox.

However, the new Xbox launch comes as the game console business faces an uncertain future. More and more people are turning to mobile devices and the Web for gaming, which has resulted in weaker console sales. The Nintendo Wii U, which includes a tablet-like game controller that doubles as a second screen, has faced tepid interest since launching late last year. Sony, meanwhile, unveiled its Playstation 4 in February, but the device isn't expected to hit the market until the fall.

The Xbox One is being positioned as a complete home entertainment system.
James Martin/CNET
To help game consoles become more of a living room staple, Microsoft has been incorporating more entertainment capabilities into its Xbox, including media-streaming functionality. Throughout the event Tuesday, Microsoft positioned the Xbox One as an entertainment system, not just a game console.
This story is being updated as events unfold in real time.



I do encourage you to check out the link as you can see pictures of it and the new "retro" controller. I obviously can't judge the counsel yet but in my opinion they completly killed the xbox's sleek apperance...it looks like an oversized DVD player...and don't even get me started on the controller ;)


-Supreme Kotor

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I'm thinking I'm going to pass on this one. Microsoft is basically selling a Media Center PC that also plays games.


My thoughts:

  • I have a feeling everything that was demonstrated requires Xbox Live Gold.
  • I've been told the internal hard drive is 500 GB? I don't see that being anywher near enough for installed games AND whatever DVR functionality the XBone has.
  • Kinect - No thank you.
  • DRM - no thank you.
  • No idea how the XBone would integrate with my TV provider. Not to mention if my provider will be charging me extra.


I think I'll be sticking with my PC. I haven't played a 360 game in ages. Microsoft is going to have a hell of a time trying to sell me on the bone.

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Activation codes. Must be connected to the net at least once every 24 hours. Others have to pay the games full price if they want to borrow the game disc from you. Anti-consumer. Xbox one.



The games are actually the least important thing about this console now.

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From the information Phil Harrison has been spilling so far, it looks like you can trade in your activation code. Perhaps through Microsoft only, perhaps through retailers as well, no details on how at the moment.


They're not taking EVERY step to screw people over, but they're taking enough steps for me to not like where Xone is going.

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Connected to the net, the camera can even detect your heartbeat, it doesn't shut off so it can listen when you tell it to turn on, the DRM stuff...How much data will be sent back to MS? Am I the only one who finds it creepy?


This thing is starting to sound like the telecreens in Orwells' 1984 novel:


The instrument (the telescreen, it was called) could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely.[...]


The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plate commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment.

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It is pretty creepy, but I think there's so much wrong with this console that not all of what's wrong with it is sinking in just yet. People are just focusing on all of the really obvious stuff at the moment... there's still a lot to horrify yet to come when we finally realise it.

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Well, .... crap. I've always played on Xbox cause I've been a long time "Halo" fan (still am), but..... This just.... doesn't seem right. I feel like I want to get it but I know in my head that I should just get a decent gaming computer (or something) and just stick with that. Plus, I'm mostly on my computer 24/7 (Not literally... well, maybe.) And the Kinect...... well that's just as creepy if a spider mated with a fly.... and a scorpion...... actually, never mind... that's worse.


Soooo I'm thinkin' I'll just stick to playing games on a PC from now on. Unless I hear anything later that catches my eye.

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Oh and you can play games on it too or something.




No but in all seriousness, this just makes me worry about the video game industry. Less console-specific hardware = Less Games = Less Money = Soon to be non-existent industry.


Screw Microsoft. Stop with your gimmicks. Smartglass has NO USE. If I am in a place where I have my Xbox, chances are that I have my TV Package, and don't need the TV on the Xbox! If I want to Skype, I'll use my PC! STAHP IT! This is just the pinnacle of lazy!


And the thing itself looks like a bigger, heavier brick than the original xbox. Jesus. This is where standards are defined Microsoft, you are certainly right when you spew that sentence a billion times. The problem is that the standards you've made for the next 8 years are not good.

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