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LucasArts Posters: The Revenge


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Yeah, they're at about A4 size, but the paper looks nicer than the cardboard used on the boxes. I have the posters for Ballblazer, Rescue on Fractalus, and Rebel Assault as well, but those will be a bit more difficult to scan since my scanner is A4.

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Fair enough, they might still provide great material. I already had the RA poster scanned, but the result isn't great. For Ballblazer and Fractalus I have high-res scans of the original photos used on the boxes and posters, and I've already started rebuilding the posters with those.

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On 11/4/2020 at 12:35 AM, TimeGentleman said:

Well done on all the new and improved stuff, Laserschwert (and contributors)!


I'm pretty sure I've suggested this to you before somewhere on the internet, but you might want to consider the cropped framing of the DOTT poster from the original box - it's certainly the version that's stuck in my head!




Fullfilling this request, I've added two versions of this poster to the main post.

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Is anyone else not seeing any in-post images on these forums any more? I just see blank space, both in Chrome and Edge. Some I can click on to get the picture to open fine in a new tab, some if I right-click to open in a new tab I just get 'spacer.png'.


I want to see the Hit The Road comparisons and the new DOTT crops!

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We think we have found the source of the Javascript problems.

I have this Jedi Knight sell sheet which has a painted version of the scene that appears on the actual box:


Do you know if the full version ever appeared anywhere? I saw you haven't included it in the poster list, but maybe you have some leads. :)

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