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LucasArts Posters: The Revenge


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I was just going to suggest if you had time if you could see about making poster-quality work of those three concept art pieces. With them being sold off to lucky bidders years ago, I wondered if you could possibly give them a pass. And you did, and they are lovely! Thank you so much.


I also just got time to read the nice article of you in Retro Gamer. Well deserved recognition. We can't thank you enough.

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I didn't know where else to ask about this, but does anyone know if there was a Hi-Res version of that "Return to Monkey Island" poster that was made for the April Fools joke back in 2002?  I could only find this tiny one on the Monkey Island wiki. 



Sidenote: This is a great title and should absolutely be used if a 6th game ever gets made.

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13 hours ago, TimeGentleman said:

Fantastic! What do you mean by "the official poster", out of interest?

It’s a movie poster size print of the game box art, made from whatever original assets they used at the time so it’s an incredibly detailed reproduction. 

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