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It's a very good attempt at recreating Rex's line styles, but I'd love to see a version where they attempt to recreate his brush and shading styles, too, since he never really makes stuff that's just flat like that, everything has a little bit of texture to it.

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One of my pandemic efforts. I had a really good surge of creative energy back in 2020. But, alas, didn't finish much.


Back when I showed it around, one of the most common comments was "That's not Guybrush Threepwood!". I mean, I can't taylor the outcome that much to what's in my brain, but this one is coming pretty close to how I imagined high res Guybrush in the original The Secret of Monkey Island. Hope you guys like it ...


... because I have tons of that stuff back from 2020, especially Swordmaster sketches ... I have so, so many Swordmaster sketches ...


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