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What's your Wallpaper? (56k ouchies)


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Love the Champloo.

I've got it on Blu-ray :p


That's one of my all time fav pictures. The muscle car of Valkyries.

The lock screen wallpaper is an awesome UN SPACY one I created. Also, because of the way Android handles wallpapers, there's more to the left and right when you scroll through the home screens for the Valkyrie one :D

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Something I started working on long ago (sometime after the Portal 2 comics came out) and I eventually forgot about (probably while playing Portal 2). Then, after I found it, I decided to finish the drawing, scan it, clean it up, and then use it as my wallpaper. Yeah, I know, not exactly a very exciting wallpaper, but I think I'll be adding to it later, maybe with Rattman's artwork.
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