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Where else do you go? (We know the Swamp isn't your only home)

The Cheat

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I used to hang out at 3do.com forums, but they went "belly-up" when their games lost popularity. I then starting hanging out in msn chat rooms, but they need a moderator like Jed there(insane amounts of profanity, bots telling you to go to certain websites, spam galore) so I quit going. I might join some forums for Morrowind.


I've always used the name narfblat(in msn chat, it was the1andonlynarfblat because narfblat was apparently already used, but other places it was just plain narfblat).

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Originally posted by The Cheat

i know the swamp isnt the only place you all hang out. what other forums do you hang out at and what are your names there


mine are:


SF Fandom(The Cheat)


SpaceStation K7(The Cheat)



I dont have too much time to spare nowdays... I go to work, spend some time with my luverly lady, and fit in some time occasionally on the ps2/gc/gba..... the only other forum I ever drop in on nowdays is TFN, but since I am trying to be spoiler free I'm staying away from those clowns at the moment :p



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I used to have a whole arsenal long time ago..thank god i evolved in beeing less greedy.. I think that in total i'm registered to about 2 dozen boards of which i frequently visited 6 or 7 at one time. Nowadays only lfn, my own board for my class (onzeklas.no-ip.com), clan board, and for technical issues neowin and phpbb.com

good lord google likes me..

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I've signed up to so many forums I've forgotten half of them.


The ones I visit on a regular basis, though, are these...


Echobase (part of Echonetwork.net, which is dedicated to Star Wars games)


Runegame.com forums - for the game Rune


Ion Storm - for both DX:IW and Thief 3


Unreal 2


Beyondunreal - though I've not posted there in a while.


VE3D boards - what used to be Voodoo Extreme, until IGN got their claws in it...


As you can see, pretty much all of the forums I visit are game related.

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OK, I still keep in touch with ~20 Usenet newsgroups related to programming, PDA's, science, music, and games ... plus ...


Lucasforums for Jedi Knight

The KotOR Lucasforums

Bioware's KotOR

Bioware's NWN

MacGamer forums


GamerDad (hey, I'm a gamer, I'm a Dad ... but this is mostly consoles)



Those are the main ones, but also Ritualistic (Elite Force II), TFN forums, and god knows how many others ...



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