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Whats your heritage?


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just curious as to what your heritage/background/and/or ethnicity is....if im out of line close it down...and im not racist and/ or ignorant...just wondering is all....



as for me ima native american indian and puerto rican mix....my indian parts are tuscarora(mom's side) and mohawk(dad's side)....but im mostly native....

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Astro (aussie born) Turkish Cypriot descent


Mum(Turkish Cypriot)

Dad(Turkish Cypriot)


Maternal Grandparents(Turkish Cypriots)

Paternal Grandparents(Turkish Cypriots)


* * * many generations back * * *


The progenitors of our family were descended from the first Ottoman Turkish Administrators that arrived in Cyprus and (the daughters of) Venetian Notaries posted there....


or so the records say...


* * *


"Ne Mutlu Turkum Diyene" - Gazi M. Kemal Ataturk



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Originally posted by Darth Rythe

Me: Born in New Zealand.......







j/k Rythe, you know Astro's always got your back, as long as you dont post those crazy flashing forum pics, in which case you might cause me to have a seizure....and be carried out of the swamp :(




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18.75% Irish (Grandma, Father's Side)

6.25% English (Grandma, Father's Side)

25% Lithuenian (Grandpa, Father's Side)

25% Armenian (Grandma, Mother's Side)

25% Italian (Grandpa, Mother's Side)



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