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[WIP] Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge


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I would bet on it. We've got the Orion crew, plus Drexel and Matilda on a Sith uniform.

There are many many flaws in that assumption. The most obvious being the Sith of KOTOR didn't exist at that time, so it wouldn't be possible for Matilda to wear a Sith Uniform. :p


Also, at the time of the Battle of Serecco, the Jedi haven't entered the war yet, so Matilda is still back on Dantooine as a Jedi (Waiting to be recruited by Revan, as seen in the original BoS).


And finally, it was established (Through dialogue with the Captain in the original BoS), that at the battle of Serocco - The captain and Daemon Drexel were Republic Soldiers who fled the battle, taking the Orion with them.


Tsk tsk. :p

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I must have missed that part of the dialog where the captain talks about Daemon. I guess I'm always eager to go and kick that Brother of Shadow's ass. Looks excellent by the way! Just wondering, will there be more content in visions, or in Kotor "modern" time?

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^ Yeah, you kinda got me on the first two points, but...


On the final one, regarding Drexel, that was them struggling to take control of the Orion and flee (On my assumption).


But why is Matilda wearing a Sith uniform there beats me.

I assure you, it'll all make perfect sense when you play. :p


Just wondering, will there be more content in visions, or in Kotor "modern" time?

There's a healthy balance between them both. Each visions/memory that appears is related to the actual plot of the mod (As in the Solomon's Revenge plot) in some particular way, otherwise it wouldn't be there.


Also, one of the things I've tried to do this time around is to strike the balance between gameplay and cutscene right. So for every long, in depth, dialogue filled cutscene there is (And there are lots of them. :p), there will be sections of gameplay that equal that amount.


Anyways, a few more screenshots for the hell of it;


Republic Admiral

Republic Admiral 2

Battle Meditation

Mysterious Woman

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Your Mod looks amazing!


I'm going to have to find room on my computer to re-install kotor1 and play the first BoS... and I look forward to the sequel :D


I like how you are using flash backs to merge the story into the original kotor game, very creative.




Kotor: Revenge of Revan



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Silveredge, if you ever need a voice actress...

To be honest, I was thinking about asking you to voice that part anyway. :p


Though the stage in which the voices will be recorded is still a long way off at the moment. So it's not worth going into any specifics about what the part would include yet.



At Republic Admiral 2 Screenie, it's supposed to be than not then.

If there are any spelling or grammar mistakes (Which there probably will be), they will be ironed out before public release during the closed beta testing phase of the project.

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I forget, have we actually seen Mathildas master?

Didn't you people read the first post on the first page? :p


Name: Jedi Master Rann Solomon

Description: Rann Solomon was an Echani Jedi Master active in the Order prior and during the events of the Mandalorian Wars. As with all Echani, he was gifted in the arts of hand to hand combat – And especially lethal in the ways of Lightsaber combat.


Prior to the events of the Mandalorian Wars, he had a Padawan - of whom shared his talents with the arts of physical combat. This Padawan was "Matilda", the same Padawan who would abandon both him and the Jedi to join Revan and his Crusadors in their quest to defeat the Mandalorians.


The Republic Admiral looks slightly like this stranger I saw on the street once. Well, not really.


And I don't trust this "mysterious woman." What's her stance on health care?

It's the same face as one of the Czerka Commanders you meet on Kashyyyk. I intended to reskin it at some point, but it fits so well I think I'm going to leave it. :p

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