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Rum Rogers

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I've got a similar one as a gift from a German LucasArts fan with a knack for designing custom big boxes (he offered one to me, since he used my restoration). I think he came up with the design first and the guy above just expanded on the idea (by, well, stealing it).


This is the one I have:



He also designed this one:



They are both empty though (and he only ever sold them at cost, not to make money off of them).


Is it presumptuous to assume that our mini-run of MI SE boxes (as seen above left) kicked off several more of these kinds of projects? At least I can't say I've seen many custom big boxes including goodies appear online before that.


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On 9/7/2023 at 3:52 PM, Jake said:

That fake DOTT box is fantastic.  


I just needed to write and say... holy shit, I totally concur. Fans can create some amazing stuff sometimes.


(And frankly, I don't see why we as a community should give any more reverence to "official" reproductions -- all the money is going to Disney, not Ron, Tim or Dave.)

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On 10/1/2023 at 4:55 PM, Scummbuddy said:

But we are buying the official ReMI soundtrack to encourage Disney to consider adding other official LucasArts soundtracks...


Yes, you're right. I should have said the money is mainly going to third-parties like LimitedRun. I definitely agree with supporting Disney released MI things... 

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7 hours ago, LuigiHann said:

It looks pretty good. I'm a little surprised they gave him the same sort of toothy grin as Max, though. I know Purcell tends to draw him with a similar smile but I still picture him with a somewhat sterner expression to better contrast against Max.

The sterner expression was mostly a telltale era thing. Sam with his mouth closed existed in a lot of Steve drawings around that time.

But usually he’s more like 




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Yeah, I was definitely mostly picturing Telltale-era art, though I'm also thinking that art is pretty consistent with their "default" expressions in their Hit the Road sprites.


And just from scrolling through images it seems like Max is presented either with the gritted-teeth grin or the wide-open grin pretty interchangeably, if Sam is smiling with his teeth showing, it's usually with his jaw wide open. Very rare to see his teeth but not his tongue. Found one exception but it's a very different look for Sam. I'm sure I'm overthinking it now but the expression on the plush continues to puzzle me.


Still pretty cute regardless.



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I've wanted the Max plushie ever since I first saw it, but alas, the shipping costs were too much for me...

Now Uncute has given me two wanna-but-never-will-have's to gawk my eyes out at while pretending to work. Oh, life, you can be so cruel... cuddly but cruel*.


*Come to think of it, Cuddly but Cruel is a great album title!

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Following up with the main news page about Grim Fandango celebrating it's 25th anniversary (oh my oldness), IAm8Bit just brought back their 20th Anniversary vinyl printing of the Grim Fandango soundtrack.



In other related schwag news, you can get yourself this very fine Double Fine hat.




But also, a life-sized Psychonauts brain-door (hinged, lenticular pin).



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