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Grumpy Gamer April Fools?


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There's been a bit of a one-two punch today between this post of Ron's:




And this Reddit post:




Ron has been very consistent with not doing April Fools jokes over the years... but either way, the artwork is beautiful.



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One addition to the "please let it be true" pile: We know that Ron is working on a new adventure game in secret. He's specifically said it's NOT MI related in interviews, but who knows if something changed and Disney approached him with an offer he decided not to refuse. (Probably not, I mean I think we're all suspecting Ron to write a blogpost about how easy it was to manipulate us, or just never mention it again and refuse to answer questions about it, but you can't help but wish...)


He also said he'd "jump" at the opportunity to make MI3a if it ever came long:



I don’t spend my days bemoaning not being able to make a MI3a. I’ve moved on, but still keep my eyes and ears open and if the opportunity arises, I will certainly jump on it.


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Judging by the fact that Craig Derrick has been teasing something MI related for ages now, and that the Anthology had sold rather well (about 7000 copies, according to Ron), I wouldn't put it past Disney to agree to give him a chance to tackle the dormant franchise.

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I was never under the impression that the holdup was Lucasfilm's willingness to let Ron work on a Monkey Island game. Ron has repeatedly stated that his condition for making one was outright owning the IP, which strikes me as a virtual impossibility.


If his position changed, and it becomes a matter of getting permission from Disney to use the property, then it's a whole other formula of probability.

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