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Do you still play Battlefront II?

Darth Andrew

Do you still play Battlefront II?  

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  1. 1. Do you still play Battlefront II?

    • Yes; I do most of the time.
    • Yes, but only if I'm extremely bored.
    • Battlefront II? Oh, THAT game.... No.
    • No; I've beaten it 100 times already.
    • No; other responsibilities and/or games have replaced Batlefront II.
    • Other (please post)

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Ah ... that's too bad .. :( I guess the current statistics are kind of flawed - too many completely negative options but only two that allow to show that you at least play this game - and the second already describes it as something you've learned to hate and now use only as a lukewarm alternative to minesweepers. I bet that some people voted for the second option just because they thought that the first one is too extreme, and 'other' too boring. I'm joining the 'sometimes' fraction :)

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Nope, moved on a while ago to ESIV: Oblivion, (and back to) NWN, KOTOR2, and Civ IV. I'm also playing demos of Rise of Legends, BFME II, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Spellforce 2. I'm currently waiting for GR:AW and RON:ROL to come out.


I generally don't play on the PC anymore except for in the hols, I've got more important things to do. When I do, its usually an RPG or a game that requires a lot of thought, and planning like Rise of Nations, or Civ IV, or any good quality RTS, TBS, RPG, are any hybrid.

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