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The Monkey Island box set from Limited Run Games


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3 minutes ago, Thrik said:

So what’s on the disk?!

Don't have a floppy driver anymore, shame on me. Will have to wait.



3 minutes ago, Nano said:

Is the floppy disk a real one ? (Really curious to know if they put something on it)

It is, yeah!

More stuff:



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21 minutes ago, Laserschwert said:

The contents of the USB and the reason for two ToMI discs are the two biggest question marks for me.

I'm looking for a way to ensure that I don't corrupt the USB in the remote case my PC has some malware. Will post here as soon as I plug it in.

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On 12/13/2021 at 9:28 PM, Remi said:


I'm gonna repeat what I mentioned to Marius earlier -- the El Carlo thing was briefly mentioned in both marketing and previews for the Amiga version before it just... stopped. I was quite literally starting to think I had imagined it (as I never gained any traction talking about it over the last 30 years) so I'm very happy it is now a stated fact!


Yes!! Me too! I swear I saw something along these lines but I'd never been able to verify it anywhere. I've even asked about it online before, but nobody answered. Every Amiga mag is available as an online scan these days. I'd love to find that original advert, but I'm super glad it's finally been confirmed, too. El Carlo. How interesting!

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4 hours ago, Rum Rogers said:

Tried already with the same outcome 😢 My last hope is trying it on another computer asap. Thank you for all the support, guys!


Thanks for all the amazing pics! So great to see it in more detail as someone who doesn't own it. 


Other owners: Please share divulge!

(My secret hope: Ron has written his answer to the whole "Secret of Monkey Island" thing for inclusion on the floppy disk... but nobody owns a floppy drive anymore... argh (actually I do))

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I'm hoping it's just a wav file of Dominic's singing on MI3.


"For those cold, dark shipboard nights,

We've got boxers, briefs, and tights

Made from cotton, silk, or satin,

In styles Anglo, Dutch, and Latin,

When you sail don't take a chance

Wearing nothing 'neath your pants!

Trust...Silver's Long Johns! (They breathe!)"


(Thanks ScummBar!)

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My copy arrived today. I can confirm that part of the USB stick is corrupt.


The USB stick is supposed to contain the EGA, VGA floppy, and Amiga versions of MI1; the DOS, Amiga, and Macintosh versions of MI2; CMI; EMI (for PC, not PS2); and TOMI (probably the DVD version since it's labeled "no DRM") . All of the floppy versions of the games are supposed to come with both raw disk images and Kryoflux images included.

However, EMI is corrupt, as is the Macintosh version of MI2 (both raw images and Kryoflux data).


The CDs only include the SEs of MI1 and MI2. However, the version of EMI included there seems to be OK, thankfully.

Also, the EGA and VGA floppy versions of MI1 are labeled as "5.25" and "3.5" disk versions for some reason, though they appear to work fine. And the vintage MI1 CD version does not appear to be included, perhaps because it was felt to be "included" already in the MI1 SE.


On a much happier note, the book included with the Anthology set is absolutely awesome.


For example, aside from the "El Carlo" thing - which is part of a larger design document apparently included in full, which also includes Largo's original name, "Lord Jack" - there's also a memo from the LucasArts testing department about MI2, written by the late Judith Lucero. Ron posted the first page of this as a memorial when she passed away, but the full thing is included here. Judith Lucero was also interviewed for the book before she passed, which is very cool.

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