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So Yeah, I'm Getting Married. This Saturday.

Boba Rhett

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Congrats my brotha in arms for retro gaming...and electronics and lasers and $#^%.


Avoiding that shed is going to be the hardest thing to do from now on...or maybe it'll be your favorite retreat. I dunno.


Whatever the case, go and enjoy being the quintessential studmuffin you were born to be.


And may the force be with you!

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Get it, Rhett! Way to get places with the ladykind. I'll think about you getting married and hoping you arn't screwing anything up when I'm in a round of competition at a speech tournement.


You do Speech?! What events? Speech was pretty much my life in High School.



Wow, already? It seems like it was only yesterday when I read that you were engaged.



Ditto. Time sure does fly... O.o

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