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Telltale's Sam & Max games getting remastered


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The sad thing is that the review bombers are actually “fans” of Sam and Max that care enough to review bomb it, but don’t understand they actually destroy the thing they love.


I hope Skunkape’s sales aren’t hurt to much by it. You can agree of disagree with their decisions, but it’s pretty clear the remakes are a labour of love and care.

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Indeed. Disgraceful behaviour from anyone who considers themselves a fan in my opinion. It’s one thing to provide balanced feedback and maybe knock a bit off, but rampant one-star bombing is nothing short of nasty. 


I mean heck, we all disliked Guybrush’s hair in the special edition so much we created custom patches for it, not to mention the numerous poor art execution — but I wouldn’t dream of trying to destroy its saleability and effectively end interest in developing the franchise.

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